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Xplore Barcelona 2012

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The Workshops

Unless otherwise specified, no workshops require nudity or fetish outfit. For most workshops loose fitting, comfortable clothes are appropriate.

All workshops are learner-centred and for every-body. Even though some workshops may be quite physical, sexual contact as such is in no way required to participate and enjoy.

As the event is designed for adults we must emphasise the importance of consideration and self responsibility. Therefore it is obvious that all interactions should be related to the basic principle of SAFE - SANE - CONSENSUAL and practised by Safer Sex. We will ban anyone immediately from the entire festival who offend against this rule, acts reckless or even gets molesting.

The workshop program is subject to change without special notice.

The Workshops A-Z


Sex and Sensuality

Foot Washing delta®
A Touch of Seduction Dr. D.J. Hayes
Nude Partner Yoga Jorgos Fokianos
The Art of Anal Pleasure Jorgos Fokianos
Female Ejaculation (women only) Christine Borch
The Novice Orgy Gabriela Tarcha
Seduction Assortment Noa Reshef


BDSM Practices

Foot Torture delta®
Ropes and Connection Desper_TNT
The Dancing Whip Felix Ruckert
Resistance Play Felix Ruckert
Fire Play Mo Herzinger
Play Fight Frank Taherkhani
Latex & Rubber Herunor & DollFetish
On Intimacy of Pain (Performance) Christine Borch


Creativity, Spirituality, Others

Animal Games (Instinct & Intuition) La Marte
Roles - Attitudes and Positions Marijo Alonso
Exhibitionism for the Shy Maggie Tapert
Flight of Fantasy Maggie Tapert
Ethical Sluthood: foundations of nontraditional lifestyles Janet Hardy
Girlfags and Guydykes: what they mean to our understanding of gender and orientation Janet Hardy
SM: Spirituality for the Left-Brained Janet Hardy
Stripteases S/N (Performance) Noa Reshef